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Two Year Old Program

We have 2 two year old programs to better accommodate the wide range of developmental abilities and needs of the children in this age group. The younger two year old classroom is called the Fireflies; our older two year old classroom is called the Butterflies. Not every child will participate in both the Firefly and Butterfly classrooms. A child’s developmental level determines which program he or she will participate in. Some children will benefit from participation in both two year old programs, while others will benefit from participation in just one or the other.

Our two year old program has four main goals and 21 objectives for your child to master before entering the three year old program. The goals include learning about herself and others, learning about moving, learning about the world, and learning to communicate. The objectives are a way for our teachers to monitor your child’s development and include managing emotions, using personal care skills, showing a basic understanding of cause and effect, engaging in pretend play, participating in conversation, and experimenting with drawing and writing. A complete list of these objectives can be found here: Infant, Toddler, and Two Year Old Program Goals (pdf).