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LilyPad is helping my children grow and learn. We tried to give them a nurturing environment at home but we don’t have all the things that LilyPad has. My boys have grown so much since they started at LilyPad.
Meghan Montegna

dividerSocially, I can see leaps and bounds in his confidence with peers and teachers. The teachers seem to understand his temperament and are very warm and welcoming to him, which I thoroughly appreciate. They are also very observant in regards to his needs, and communicate with parents very well. I also really like the weekly themed units, and I am amazed at all he is learning this year.
Mindy DeVries

dividerThe staff at LilyPad provides a learning environment for my children that exceeds my expectations. I know that while my kids are at LilyPad they are learning, happy and having a blast! The staff cares about each child as an individual and helps them grow and learn – this is truly the best child care center! Thank you!
Holly Lovig

dividerYou all do excellent work and I feel like my children are loved by you all, which is calming for a mother when she drops her kids off! My three year old loves to go to school and learn!
Infant/Toddler and Three Year Old Parent


Our child loves to go to “school”. She likes her friends at school and always seems happy! Her teachers are great also! I am so thankful to know she is safe and happy at school. I don’t have to worry about her while I’m at work!
Two Year Old Parent


My boyfriend and I are not from this area and have no family here. LilyPad is like my son's home away from home. We are so glad that we chose LilyPad. The director and staff are educated and very helpful. I am confident in the care they provide.
Anonymous Parent

My kids love LilyPad. Drew begs to go even on the weekends, and John is so excited to see his friends when I drop him off.
The Schindel Family

We have been enrolled at LilyPad since it opened. We feel our child has made great improvements in his behavior and everyday knowledge. Our son has made great friends here and loves the staff. We also have an infant enrolled at LilyPad and her transition from being home every day with mom and going to daycare everyday was very easy. She smiles and laughs as soon as we walk in the door each morning. Our overall experience here has been great and I recommend LilyPad to anyone asking about childcare. 
Anonymous Parent


Ryan began coming to Lily Pad when he was six weeks old. It is a safe environment both inside the classrooms and outside on the playgrounds. Maya's education has been encouraging and nurturing. I am always pleased with the feedback from her learning experiences. I have also learned that Lily Pad teachers are a wonderful resource. I have learned about how to address problems and deal with behavioral issues. Very useful!
Chad & Cheryl Patterson


We began attending Lily Pad because we were dissatisfied with the facility we were at. We found Lily Pad very loving and comforting for our son. He has been happier and we can tell that his behavior has improved. We really believe that a child care center's successful environment has to do with the management and company culture. Thank you, Lily Pad!
Rick & Merea Bentrott


I really appreciate the sense of security I feel when I leave my babies at Lily Pad. It took us a few years to have our family and we don't want to worry about them while we are working. Our Four year old is learning words, games and songs, and is eager to share her day with us when she gets home. The twins are learning how to say simple words and games. Everything the girls do is age-appropriate. We love Lily Pad!
Dan & Stacey Noe